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An Hour of Remembrance for Jed : a global event

An Hour of Remembrance for Jed

On World Listening Day 2016 – Monday July 18, 2016 :: 12noon-1pm EST

a global event

All are invited to spend the hour of 12noon-1pm EST [ = 6-7pm Spain, 12midnight-1am Taiwan) wherever you are in the world, listening to your environs and in contemplation of the memory of composer, video and sound artist, acoustic ecologist, field recordist and friend Jed Speare.

Each individual may feel free to remember Jed as she/he wishes during that hour with the simpliest suggestion being to listen to your direct surroundings and think of Jed.

During that hour, Mobius, 55 Norfolk Street, Cambridge, MA, USA will serve as a listening room – the front door open for the duration, welcoming the public to come in and listen :: to sounds of the room, one’s own breath, the street, conjoined with quiet moments of silence and Jed’s recordings.

Some suggestions on how you can participate globally if you wish, taken from the World Listening Day 2016 webpage:

– Soundwalks or listening events in your local community, with a particular focus on natural and human evolution, human activity in nature and industry, technology and machines
– Field recording
– Site-specific performance
– Personal experiences of attentive listening or field recording

If you wish, Use the hashtag #WLD2016 to connect with other local and global groups participating in the World Listening Day 2016: Sounds Lost and Found and get involved.

image:  Quiet Zone – Jed Spearejs_quiet_zone

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