New England Phonographers Union

Listening session at UnionDocs

Sunday, January 23 at 7:30pm

322 Union Ave
Brooklyn NY 11211 

New England Phonographers Union member Ernst Karel will present recent and in-progress work made from location recordings, in stereo, quadraphonic, and 5-channel configurations.  Work will include: a five-channel extension of  Heard Laboratories (and/OAR 2010)  incorporating an electroacoustic interpretation recorded live by the Chicago Sound Map ensemble; a version of  Swiss mountain transport systems, eight-channel version with percussion (a collaboration with Helen Mirra currently on exhibition at Diapason Gallery) composed for German radio; current quadraphonic work in progress, recorded in quad at a recyclables-sorting facility in Charlestown, Mass.; and experimental ethnographic audio work coming out of the Sensory Ethnography Lab.

Discussion might take up the documentary use of nonlinguistic sound to produce ‘doubtful knowing’, in connection with ideas such as anthropologist of sound Steven Feld’s notion of ‘acoustemologies’, or sonic ways of knowing and being in the world, and the recognition (found, for example, in new books by sound theorists Salomé Voegelin and David Toop) that listening is an experience of a continuously fleeting, ungraspable present moment, and as such is “full of phemonemological doubt,” as Voegelin puts it (Listening to Noise and Silence, 2010:4): “The understanding gained is a knowing of the moment as a sensory event that involves the listener and the sound in a reciprocal inventive production.”

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