New England Phonographers Union

Multichannel concert in the Great Engines Hall of the Waterworks Museum

Wednesday 14 May 2014, 19:00
Metropolitan Waterworks Museum
2450 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02467
RSVP at or 617-277-0065

The New England Phonographers Union — for this concert, Matthew Azavedo, Ernst Karel, and Jed Speare — continues its MWRA cycle with a concert of new recordings of structural vibration and airborne sound made at Deer Island Waste Water Treatment Plant, operated by the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority. The trio performance will be presented via a multichannel speaker array installed throughout the Great Engines Hall at the Boston Waterworks Museum.

The New England Phonographers Union has been making location recordings at Deer Island Waste Water Treatment Plant and the five MWRA pump stations that serve it, and performing using these recordings, since 2010.  For this concert, they will make extended use of new recordings made with accelerometers of seismic phenomena whose sounds are often undetectable to the human ear, in combination with new air recordings of the already dense sonic planes and complex machine arrays of the waste water processing environment. At the Waterworks Museum, which preserves the original pump station that provided clean water to the city of Boston, Azevedo, Karel, and Speare will take advantage of the unique acoustic properties of the cavernous Richardsonian romanesque structure and massive Victorian and industrial-era pumps to diffuse their recordings throughout the space.

Prior concerts in this MWRA cycle have occurred at the historic Deer Island Reception Hall, outdoors in Nut Island Park in Quincy, in the Boston University Art Gallery, and at Studio Soto.

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