New England Phonographers Union

Sensate launch event

The New England Phonographers Union performs in quadraphonic at the launch event for Sensate.

Saturday, 23 April 2011
Event begins at 8:00; the New England Phonographers Union performs two sets, at 9:00 and 10:00.
Massasoit Elks Lodge
55 Bishop Richard Allen Dr.
Cambridge, Mass./Central Square

Sensate is an online journal for innovative projects that engage new modes of media-based scholarship and critical practice. Using groundbreaking new open-source multimedia publishing software, Sensate aims to become a significant venue for the production, circulation and discussion of audio, video, interactive and other media produced by artists and researchers working at the intersections of the humanities, arts, design and sciences. We are driven by the conviction that the making of creative projects is an inherent part of academic or scholarly work.

Sensate grows out of Harvard University’s Sensory Ethnography Lab, where graduate-student efforts to push the boundaries of anthropological and audiovisual representation have coalesced in a collaborative project to draw attention to and examine the limits of cross-breeding art, culture, the senses, and technology. We take from visual anthropology a focus on production and from anthropology of the senses a commitment to embodied aspects of our work.

– Sensate

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