New England Phonographers Union

100 Years (version #4 Boston, 2012)

On Sunday, 25 March, at 3:00 p.m., the New England Phonographers Union will perform a quadraphonic concert to mark the closing of the 100 Years exhibition at the Boston University Art Gallery.  Admission is free.

The concert will feature sound matter that was gathered over the past several months in conjunction with the Massachusetts Water Resource Authority (MWRA). The Phonographers Union began recording extensively at Deer Island last spring and have continued in an ongoing, developing way at various pump stations, or ‘headworks’, at Deer Island in Winthrop and at Nut Island in Quincy. At the headworks, raw sewage from surrounding communities is passes through screens and grit chambers that remove large objects, sand and gravel. After screening, the sewage is conveyed through the Inter-Island Tunnel to the main sewage treatment facility at Deer Island.  The Phonographers Union has three more headworks to visit in order to complete this sewage treatment and headworks cycle in collaboration with the MWRA. This concert offers a preview of some of their newest sounds that will continue to grow this spring.

BUAG is located at 855 Commonwealth Avenue, at the Stone Gallery inside the College of Fine Arts building on the Boston University campus (BU West T stop on the “B” Green Line).

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